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Arizona Traffic Laws
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Aggressive Driving Laws

Speeding and least two of the following: failure to obey traffic control device, passing on the right out of regular lanes of traffic, unsafe lane change, following too closely, or failure to yield right of way; and the person's driving is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle.

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Cell Phone Laws

School bus drivers may not use cell phones while operating a school bus, except for emergencies.

Child Passenger Safety Laws

State Child Restraint Required : 5yrs. And younger
Adult Safety Belt Permissible : Not Permissible
Max.Fine 1st Offense : $50

Graduated Licensing Laws

Learner Duration and Hours Supervised Driving : 5 mos./25 hrs. (5 @ night)
Learner Permit Min. Age : 15 yr. 7 mos.
Full License Minimum Age : 16

Impaired Driving Laws

Illegal Per Se : 0.08
Open Container, Repeat Offender : Both
Vehicle and License Plate Sanctions: Registration Suspension, Vehicle Confiscation, Mandatory Ignition Interlock
Admin. License Suspension First Offense: 90 days

Older Driver Laws

General population length of renewal : Until age 65
Provisions for older drivers : Drivers 65 and older must reapply for license every five years; no reapplication by mail for drivers 70 and older

Sanctions for School and Construction Zones

Sanctions for Speeding in a Construction Zone : The fine is double the usual amount.
Sanctions for Speeding in a School Zone : Not Preferred.

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