Is your team’s performance in business writing not on par with what they are supposed to achieve? Keeping your team’s business writing performance can be very challenging. There would be times that they are not performing at their best. But don’t you worry! You can definitely do something about this.

            You would need a business writing training with Refresh Marketing. If the writing in your workplace is not improving, then they are the best people to get in touch with. Your team’s emails, reports, proposals and business cases will transform from poorly written and confusing, to top notch and in high quality all the time. Don’t let your internal operations suffer.

About Refresh Marketing

            Refresh Marketing is run by Vikki Maver, a Melbourne based website content writer, a business, marketing and advertising copywriter, and an experienced marketer. She is also a writing skills trainer and presenter. A Monash University lecturer who can help you improve your team’s writing in no time.

What Can Your Team Learn from Refresh Marketing?

            Your team may need a little nudge. With Refresh Marketing, your writers will become more effective and confident with their writing in just one day. The training will be focused on plain English writing which can be very simple, but very practical techniques which will be learned to help your team. After the training, your team will be able to give clear and concise, high-quality output. The training will delve deeper into techniques that can help your writers produce reader-focused articles. Planning, drafting, editing, and proofreading will also be discussed for a better end result.

The Workshop Process.

            During the workshop, expect it to be lively, interactive and very practical. Everybody will be encouraged to participate. The training will be tailored to your organization’s goals as well as your team’s objectives. This will be held in your office at a date and time that would be most convenient for you and your team. The fee is a fixed amount for up to 15 attendees. The fee for the number of attendees beyond that will be discussed.

Why Choose Refresh Marketing?

            Vikki Maver is more than just a copywriter. If you are looking for a qualified trainer for your team, she is the right person to call. Your team will be transformed overnight. Her techniques and styles in writing are on point that has helped a lot of writers. When she is not writing, she trains people to be better. For years she has helped change a lot of people’s performance and she shows no signs of stopping.

Refresh Marketing Happy Clients.

            Refresh Marketing is no doubt one of the best when it comes to training people for business writing. A lot of positive feedback was shared through their website about how happy and satisfied their clients were after the training. Their teams have definitely improved in  performance. Vikki Maver is one of the most preferred skills writing training. So if your team needs a little refresher, do it with Refresh Marketing and see the difference after 24 hours.

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