All You Need to Know About Clearing

For those who aren’t sure what clearing is all about, clearing is a method used in universities and colleges to fill empty places which still remain in their courses. Clearing provides studentsthe chance of being considered for entry atother universities, if they have requested through UCAS, but never received any offers.

During theclearing period, you may also have the chance to consider a place in another university, even if you already have an offer at another place. Conditions can change which means that an offer from somewhere else can be refused in favour of selecting another course or university by way of clearing.

If you already havean offer, make sure to check your UCAS Track on Results Day to establish whether you have been accepted by the chosen university for your course. If you find that you have been unfortunate, UCAS Track will then declare that ‘You are in clearing’, or ‘Clearing has started’ and you can then begin looking for a course in ucas clearing, as soon as possible.

Application Matters

After havinggone through and checked out any vacancies and then chosen a course, you must then call the university on a clearing hotline to see if that course is still available.

  • Remember to have your UCAS Personal ID and exam results somewhere handy.

During the call, the university will inform youif your qualifications have been deemed appropriate, including any GCSE or other subject-specific requirements which might apply.

If you areindeed successful, you will soon receive an offer of a place based on the results you declared on the phone. You will then get an email confirmation of the offer, and then you mustrefer yourself by way of clearing to the university after which they will guarantee youyour place.

Keep an Eye on Events

If you believe that there is a chance that you will be in clearing, be ready and try think ahead of events. Do theresearch into universities which provide alternative courses which you may be interested in. Follow your application, and before calling, check out the UCAS Track to monitor the precise status of your application.

Remember,every one of your details and have the information easily accessible and togetherprior to making contactwith any university. When calling any university,be polite and positive, and just behave as you would for any other kind of interview, as the university will want to know why you wish to study there.

Making the Correct Choice

Clearing is for some students a stressful affair, so just try to relax and enjoy it!Of course, you don’t have to take the first one which comes your way, so try taking your time, think ahead and consider the offers, as this is an important choice in your life which will be taking up your time for the next three years.

The very best of luck and may your dreams come true!

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