A Guide to Sourcing the Right Preschool

If you are the proud parent of a toddler, and very soon it is time for your child to experience the world, there is much to consider when selecting their very first learning environment. These are very much the formative years, and it is vital that your child is placed in a suitable environment that is safe and provides exciting learning opportunities. If your career is about to resume, and you want your offspring to develop well, here are some factors to bear in mind when looking for a suitable nursery.

  • Safety & Security – Of course, this is a prime concern, and when looking for nurseries, find one that has soft play corners and is designed with small children in mind. Sharp edges should not be evident, no matter how hard you search, and with CCTV and a closed door policy, you can rest assured that your child is in a safe and secure environment. If you happen to be looking for a preschool in Nottingham, there happens to be a great nursery that simply ticks all the boxes, and all it takes is an online search to learn more about their visions of child care.
  • Learning By Doing – At the age of two or three, a child is exploring their environment, tasting and touching things, and this is a natural part of learning, and if this is encouraged in the right environment, with experienced carers, then the child will be able to explore at their own pace. The attention span of a toddler is very short, therefore the activities should never last for more than 10-15 minutes, and with a range of activities that would include drawing, playing with clay, block building, and of course, dance and movement. Using the fingers for delicate work is ideal for small motor development, and with the focus on fun, the kids would have an enjoyable day.

  • Adequate and Suitable Resources – The ideal preschool environment has many resources, all of which are used for various fun based activities, and with each child having the opportunity to play in a corner with their preferred toy or game, the child experiences balanced development. Soft play areas where the kids can release some of that pent up energy, and a time of the day for rest and a little nap are both essential, and the carers understand their role, which is to provide a safe learning environment for the child to explore.
  • Happy Children – Perhaps the best indicator of a good nursery is happy kids, and you can soon discover whether or not the children enjoy their time at the nursery by spending a few hours there. When you consider that your child is going to be spending time there, you really do need a personal visit during opening hours. Any nursery that does not encourage parental involvement should be avoided, as both parents and carers play an important role in child development, and dialogue is essential.

You owe it to your child to ensure they will be starting out their life in the right way, and the time spent at nursery will prepare them for the first year of formal education.


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