Studying in a school that corresponds with the international academic curriculum in an international environment is one of the best gifts in the life of a student. The curriculum followed in these schools is based on the international standards especially following Cambridge international examinations or the International Baccalaureate. So, today I shall be telling you about one of such similar group ofan international school in Malaysia.


The studentswho take admission in such schools normally belong to families who are attached to international organizations or missionary programs. The languages that are taught in these schools include both the national language of the country as well as other foreign languages with a compulsory paper in English. These schools are a better provider of education with respect to the higher education qualifications one can obtain to get a better employment. Some of these schools were first built in Japan, Switzerland. Some of the schools were run by Non-GovernmentalOrganisations. With globalization, the demand of the international schools is increasing because people are focussing more on the thought of getting an employment in the international market.

international school in Malaysia


The goal of the International Malaysian schools is to provide a world-class education to their students in the healthy,fresh and beautiful environment. For knowing more about the International schools you may log on to The schools provide education at different levels-

Senior School– this system is available for students who avail the boarding system as well are day scholars and are between the age of 13 and 18.

Preparatory School- this system is available for students who avail the boarding system as well for day scholars and are between the age of 4 and 12.

Pre School– this system is available for students who are day scholars are between the age of 13 and 18.

The schools not only focus on giving education in respect to academic excellence, as well as to encourage students to mix with each other and develop the feelings of love, compassion for each other. The students are brought up in such a way that they are well skilled about how to lead a healthy life with confidence.


The schools are special because the students live in an environment where they are made to mix with people of any culture. They get to know better how other people live in the various parts of the world. It is not only about the culture, the schools also fetch an academic system that teaches a student about the international heritage, about the arts and commerce around the world as well as the newer science and technology. When a child is molded in such a way he or she, later finds it easy to achieve great success no matter in which part of the world he finds a profession. The private schools in the country offer Malaysian National Curriculum at both the primary as well as the secondary levels of education.


Some of the most renowned international school in Malaysia

School Name Location Curriculum Followed Education
The Grace Academy TmnMayangJaya, Selangor Igcse& Ace Primary and the secondary levels
Regent International School Many places that include Klang, Kuantan, SungaiPetani and PortDickson British Primary and the secondary levels
Dalat International School. JalanTanjungBungah, Penang American curriculum Elementary, middle school and high school levels.
Asia Pacific International School Subang, Selangor British Primary and the secondary levels
DwiEmas International Shah Alam British Primary and the secondary levels

The above five were some of the most renowned schools. Besides, there are many other schools like the Eaton International School, the Nobel International School to name a few. The curriculumis more or all the same in everyschool and the education system is similar. So, if you are trying to be one of the jewels in the International market hit the website and join to any of the school. The wonderful educational pattern is very praiseworthy.

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