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It becomes a nightmare when students get stuck doing homework and the parents don’t have the time or are too tired from work to help them. Online tutoring has been around for a while. However, not many parents and students have had the chance of trying it out, let alone had the chance of learning of the benefits of online tutoring. Below are some of the benefits a student can find on LearnMate.

  • Availability

In online tutoring, there is no limitation in terms of geography or time. It is very difficult to find a tutor proficient in the subject that you need help in who is within your geographical vicinity and is available to meet according to your schedule. Getting rid of these restrictions makes things easier hence the need for an online tutor. You can find an online tutor that ticks all those boxes.

  • Convenience

This is one of the major advantages of online tutoring. The opportunity of meeting the tutor without having to leave the house. Face to face meeting with a tutor comes with the burden of incurring fuel expenses as well as travel time.

  • Accessibility

It is not all areas where you can find tutors that are conversant with the subject you need help in. online tutoring makes it possible for everyone to access tutors on any subject.

  • Cost efficiency

Compared to one on one tutoring services, online tutoring is way cheaper. Due to it being cost-effective, it provides an opportunity for all parents to provide quality education to their children and also the students can access the best level education.

Online tutoring

  • Selection

It is not rare to find a pupil being uncomfortable with the teaching methods of a tutor in the classroom. It is also a common occurrence in online tutoring. However, with online tutoring, students don’t have to stick to one tutor as they have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of tutors available.

  • Periodic Tracking of Student’s Academic Progress

One thing that bothers parents is whether or not their kids are benefitting from private tutoring. With the right mechanisms in place, online tutoring provides an efficient method where parents receive weekly or monthly reports of their children’s performance and progress. This eliminates the worry and doubt, allowing the parents to evaluate the effectiveness of the tuition session.

  • It Saves Commuting Time

Unlike traditional tutoring, geographical location of the tutor or the tutee is not a factor of consideration. All both parties require is a desktop computer, laptop or a tablet and the tutee can access the necessary education he or she needs.

Advantages of online tutoring for a tutor

  1. Online tutoring provides online payment allowing tutors to receive their money instantly and safely.
  2. It widens their market. A tutor joining an online tutoring platform exposes them to potential clients increasing their customer base.
  3. Normal tutoring limits the tutor to a number of students they can have. With online tutoring, the number of students available is huge, leading to an increase in income.
  4. There are no time limits since the tutor doesn’t need to travel to the tutee’s home or a tuition center.

At LearnMate, you can get access to a large number of competent tutors to help your kid scale the heights of academics. For online tutors, the site gives you exposure to potential clients.


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