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Maryland Driver Improvement function is to help ensure the safety of the motoring public on road. It provides knowledge and techniques of avoiding traffic crashes and also influences participants to steer their behaviors and attitudes behind the wheel, so that they choose to drive safely, courteously and responsibly.
Maryland traffic school
  • You were referred by a district court judge
  • You were referred by an administrative law judge in the office of administrative hearings
  • You were cited for a moving violation while holding a provisional driver's license, or
  • You failed to attend a point system conference required by the MVA.

For any of the above reasons if you have decided to do the Driver Improvement program then Maryland Driver Improvement course is the best one to do so. You can do the course at the comfort of your home with your own pace. It is very user-friendly and the customer service representatives are always there to help you at any time.

Upon its completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from the provider. The certificate is for your records; the driver improvement program provider will separately notify the MVA of your successful completion.

Join the Maryland Driver Improvement Course recommended by us and save lives, avoid road rages, learn the traffic rules, keep away from rigid fines, higher insurance premiums and above all become a safe driver.

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